2020 Ford Transit Double Cab-in-Van 2.0 TDCI 185 PS (136KW) RWD Specs

Disclaimer - The image shown may be representative of the range, or displayed for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the 2020 Ford Transit Double Cab-in-Van 2.0 TDCI 185 PS (136KW) RWD. Please view the attached PDF for manufacturer images.

Model Specifications:

2.0 Diesel ✓ Double Cab-in-Van ✓ Ford ✓ High Roof ✓ Long Wheelbase ✓ Long Wheelbase Extended Length ✓ Manual ✓ Medium Height Roof ✓ Rear Wheel Drive ✓ Single Rear Wheels ✓ Specs
DCiV - What does it mean?
DCiV – Double Cab-in-Van aka crew van / double cab
Ford EcoBlue - What does it mean?
Ford EcoBlue = Advanced diesel engine that offers optimised fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 and NOX emissions

HDT - What does it mean?
HDT = Heavy Duty Truck
HEV - What does it mean?
HEV = Hybrid Electric Vehicle
HP - What does it mean?
HP – Mechanical Horsepower (1 HP = 1.01387 PS)
KW - What does it mean?
KW – (Kilowatts) Usually, more KW equals faster acceleration.
mHEV - What does it mean?

MHEV = Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle

PS - What does it mean?
PS = Metric Horsepower (1 PS = 0.98632 HP)
TDCI - What does it mean?
TDCI = Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection