2020 Ford Transit Van 2.0 TDCI 185 PS (136KW) FWD Specs

Disclaimer - The image shown may be representative of the range, or displayed for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the 2020 Ford Transit Van 2.0 TDCI 185 PS (136KW) FWD. Please view the attached PDF for manufacturer images.

Model Specifications:

2.0 Diesel ✓ Ford ✓ Front Wheel Drive ✓ High Roof ✓ Long Wheelbase ✓ Manual ✓ Medium Height Roof ✓ Medium Wheelbase ✓ Single Rear Wheels ✓ Specs ✓ Van
DCiV - What does it mean?
DCiV – Double Cab-in-Van aka crew van / double cab
Ford EcoBlue - What does it mean?
Ford EcoBlue = Advanced diesel engine that offers optimised fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 and NOX emissions

HDT - What does it mean?
HDT = Heavy Duty Truck
HEV - What does it mean?
HEV = Hybrid Electric Vehicle
HP - What does it mean?
HP – Mechanical Horsepower (1 HP = 1.01387 PS)
KW - What does it mean?
KW – (Kilowatts) Usually, more KW equals faster acceleration.
mHEV - What does it mean?

MHEV = Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle

PS - What does it mean?
PS = Metric Horsepower (1 PS = 0.98632 HP)
TDCI - What does it mean?
TDCI = Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection